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The Full Details


This is about tokenomics. After airdrop program, current holders will control over 33% of tokens. Airdrops coming from Pure Success Wallet. Bank wallet buys when price drop under backed price. Pure wallet sells when price is going over backed price. Funds from sells going to bank wallet to increase backed price.


Current Numbers

Situation 18.11.2022 when airdrops to holders still ongoing.

Pure Success Wallet 3122302

Liquidity Pool 573750

Bank Wallet 4359

Holders 799586

Future Numbers

Situation after airdrops to holders are finished if no buys and sells

Pure Success Wallet 2421633

Liquidity Pool 573750

Bank Wallet 4359

Holders 1500255

Airdrop 1 Left 640

Airdrop 2 Left 700029

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