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Contract address: 0x9056261FdA728bC57467EAdB294c3E47f7e3d773

Desimals: 4

Total Supply 4.500.000

DEX compatible token. We don't have any tax in our token. You can trade and transfer tokens without implemented taxes.

Token price is backed with our Bank Wallet. Bank Wallet is able to buy all holder sales to increase price always back after any holder sell. Bank Wallet can bring price always back to where it was before holder sell. Learn more how this works here.



Token Update

Token updated. Read more about update here.


Airdrops ongoing

After token update, all holders got automatically updated token. Holders who had over 500k tokens in snapshot time, will get extra 100%. Second airdrops are still ongoing.

Coming soon

DEX implementation

Pure Success Token will be implemented in to our DEX and will be native token of dex.

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