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We offer the possibility to buy cryptocurrencies listed on Binance without KYC. 


How doest this work?


Select any cryptocurrency listed on Binance. When your order has been received, we will make a market order. We do the assignment manually. The risk of price fluctuations remains with the customer. Customers are sent a copy of the order by e-mail. We will send the cryptocurrencies from Binance to the wallet you indicated.


Attention! We only offer a brokerage service for the sale of cryptos. Cryptocurrency cannot be sold to us, and orders have no right of cancellation or return.


Pay special attention that the wallet address you entered is correct. Also indicate which network you want cryptos in your wallet. The commission for the order is a fixed 5$ and 0.50%. Binance fees and transaction fees are automatically deducted. The one-time order is currently $200.


Example. You place a purchase order for $200. Our commission is $5 + 0.50%, so $200 - $5 - $1 = $194 is used for the purchase your order. The size of the purchase order is $194, which is executed with the market option. The purchased cryptocurrencies minus the transaction fee will be sent to the wallet you indicated.


BUSD is accepted as payment method. Later in January, we will also accept card payments.

Cryptos From Binance Without KYC

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