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The Success Team

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Veli-Matti W.

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Founder of Success

With over 11 years in the blockchain field, I have gained a lot of experience in this growing industry. As a Business Administration student, I have learned about managing businesses and how economics works. This helps me understand cryptocurrencies and how they can be used in different areas.

I also know about international relations, which allows me to see how blockchain technology can change global trade, finance, and government. As a crypto market analysis expert, I can find trends and opportunities in the fast-changing world of digital currencies. This helps investors and businesses make smart choices.

In short, with my experience in blockchains, business education, knowledge of international relations, and skills in crypto market analysis, I can offer valuable help to organizations that want to benefit from this new technology.

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Matti H.

Design Manager

My friends know me as Maza. Ever since I was a young boy, I have enjoyed playing with computers. I started with the C64, where we would create a bouncing ball on the TV screen. I'm a friendly person and can get along with everyone.

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Roope M.

Media Producer

Driven and inquisitive friend hailing from Southeastern Finland. My innate curiosity led me to the world of cryptocurrency and ultimately, this project. I'm determined to achieve my goals, rather than merely daydreaming about owning a home in Spain.

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Jenni M.

Village Project Coordinator

Eager to learn and grow as an individual, with a solid background in the tourism and hospitality sector. Currently dedicated to enhancing overall well-being. Strengths include effective work organization and a positive attitude.

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Jesse P.

Game Development

Residing in Northern Finland (soon to be Spain) and a proud father of two. Interests include golf, padel (nearly at a professional level), downhill skiing, and investments.

Unafraid to get my hands dirty in pursuit of my goals.

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Olli H.

Information Technology Expert

Seasoned IT professional with experience dating back to the 90s. A private investor in stocks and cryptocurrencies, with a passion for cars and motorcycles as hobbies.

Holding a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

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Lasse U.

Social Media Expert & Game Developer

Proud father of three, with hobbies that include working out at the gym, building and driving motorcycles and vintage cars. A former Finnish Championship level athlete.

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Joni N.

Project Engineer

Ever-youthful 40-something engineer with diverse interests. Enjoys unwinding by the lake with a fishing rod in hand, and has a deep passion for cryptocurrencies. Adheres to the motto: "The only thing better than SUCCESS is hodling."

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